Friday, 26 July 2013


The Crowdicity platform for the Global Youth Summit was launched a few weeks ago. This platform was created in order to enable young innovators (after all anyone can be one) from all over the world to share, discuss, comment and vote on ideas submitted for the six challenges constituting the summit.

As the majority of you know, the summit is based on six big ideas: GET AHEAD - RESPECT YOUR ENVIRONMENT - BE SMART BE SAFE - BE HEALTHY - CHANGE YOUR WORLD - HACKATHON. Each of these ideas (except Hackathon) include two challenges which are discussed on Crowdicity.

The most popular challenges among young innovators are : "How might we use ICTs to help young people develop entrepreneurial skills & increase youth employment?", "How might we use ICTs to make healthcare more accessible?", "How might ICTs lead the way to a greener society" or "How might we integrate ICT training in education to improve skills, development & capacity building". The FerMUN students prefer the CHANGE YOUR WORLD challenges as they have submitted ideas such as “An online youth parliament”, “Global online cultural summit” or “Promote educational programs in order to introduce young people from minor ethnic groups into ICTs without compromising nor destroying their identity” – in total these have 41 votes. We also find great FerMUN ideas in the BE HEALTHY’s challenges, where our students have underlined the necessity of creating either a platform or an application : “Create an online platform where people needing a particular type of healthcare unprovided in their country could spread their message” or “Create an interactive application for smartphones in order to improve the lifestyle of adults and young people, but at the same time raising awareness”.

The most voted ideas from Crowdicity is “Agricultural Based Solution System” which is a Nigerian Agricultural Based Solution System that is targeted to ease analysis, statistics, disease management, maintenance, organization, decisions and sales operations of livestock and crop farmers online (139 votes). This is followed by “Patient Health Discovery tool" – an IT application that provides a real-time analysis responding to a health state description. It is about developing an Intelligent Agent for automated healthcare and “Mobile Healthcare Application with local language translator to educate health issues people face as they age”. Finally “Landmines Detection !.. No victims, more natural resources to be used!” is a project made out of four separate stages/projects (aviation system, detection system and antenna, and signal processing system) and will satisfy an urgent need for purifying vast deserts in order for petroleum companies, agriculture and new cities to get water far from the Nile.
These are only a few of the almost 430 ideas shared !

Crowdicity works very well and it is an entertaining way to interact with people from all over the world. If this platform is anything like the summit, then we can't wait to be there !

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